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Mark, Rebecca and William Kinsella

What do you currently make/farm/supply?
We farm organic, pasture raised eggs and heritage pork on our beautiful farm in the Freestone Valley on the Darling Downs.

How did you get into it?
Mark is a 4th generational farmer, his family were dairy farmers up until he was a toddler and they changed to lucerne and cattle farming. His father always had heritage poultry and Mark grew passionate about breeding and showing birds. This is where the love of poultry came about and Marks desire to have his own poultry farm one day.. his very own ‘Chookery’ he called it as a child. I was a townie and always dreamed of living on the land. 

When we married we set to work to build our dream of having a farm and raising our family on the land. I was always passionate about sustainable, ethical and natural farming and was the driving force into our farm being Organic and pasture raised. It is truly the only way to farm, not just for the welfare of our beautiful animals but it produces the best, tastiest and healthiest food! 

Why is organic/chemical-free food important to you?
Not only is chemical harmful for us and the animals… but also for the soil. To truly produce the best food available that is full of nutrition and flavour is to farm naturally, working with nature, improving the soil and growing animals that are happy and healthy. Although it’s more challenging.. it is most certainly the better choice. 

What challenges has this created for you and how do you overcome them naturally?
Our biggest challenge is time! There is more time and planning needed for rotations and management of this type of farming and sometimes not enough hours in the day!  But working smarter and  learning from others is how our farm keeps running! Constantly changing to adapt to weather and seasons to ensure the best quality outcome for our animals and pastures. 

What’s your favourite meal?
Bacon and eggs of course lol!! Poached egg with a side of bacon and some fresh, butter fried asparagus and cherry tomatoes.. the perfect breakfast!! William our son would live off bacon it if we let him hahah We are huge fans of the classic, no fuss it a crackled pork roast or slow cooked, fall of the bone lamb roast and Vege it just can’t be beat!


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