Matthew and Hayley Watson

Matthew and Hayley Watson

Watson Family Produce

What do you currently grow?
We currently produce organically minded and regeneratively farmed pasture raised eggs.

How did you get into farming?
Hayley comes from a line of produce farmers and Matt comes from the bush, so we’re combining those two childhoods to create a unique one for our children.

What do you enjoy about farming?
It’s our passion and our lifestyle - we love it! We were previously employed in boilermakering and financial planning, so we chose this life and we have not regretted it for a moment.

Why did you decide to farm without chemicals?
We started off farming certified organic because chemicals have never been something we want to consume. We have also tried to avoid it in our own foods and knew of so many families doing the same.
Since our two young farmers came along to help (Cooper 5, Charlie 2), we have moved to a more regenerative model of farming which is even better than certified organic. Now we’re not only removing chemicals – we’re improving and enriching the soil for our boys and for the many generations to come.

What challenges has this created for you and how do you overcome them naturally?
Drought was our first major hurdle to overcome. It was hard not seeing the ground rejuvenate itself for a solid 18 months. We basically had to minimise our impact on the earth and enrich it where we could. It has started to come back with the good rain in February and March and some showers of late - it’s an amazing sight to see and feel!

What’s your favourite meal?
Favourite meal has to be a lasagna and potato bake for dinner, though breakfast you can’t beat a good egg!! 

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