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100% Beeswax Candle in Amber Glass Holder (180gm)

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100% pure beeswax tealight candle in amber glass holder.
Hand made by Australian Bee Products, from 100% repurposed beeswax from their own hives.

These beeswax candles from Australian Bee Products are all handmade without the addition of fragrances or other toxic chemicals, allowing them to omit a natural and subtle scent of honey. As these candles are handmade and hand poured, some variances in appearance, size and colour may occur.

To create these candles they use 100% repurposed beeswax from their own hives. Then when they extract their honey, they remove the outer coating of wax from the frames to release the honey. These tiny pieces of wax are melted down and filtered to remove any debris, before being made into candles to minimise wastage. 

Pure beeswax candles burn with almost no smoke making them eco-friendly and the preferred candle over soy or paraffin candles. Beeswax candles release negative ions in the air. the negative ions can bind with toxins mould and dust particles in the air, cleaning the air we breathe. So wonderful!

Weight: 180g
Height: 65mm
Diameter: 50mm
Burn Time: Approx 8-10 Hours

** Never leave a burning candle unattended.

* If the flame is too big, the wick needs to be shortened, it should be approximately 1/4 inch.
* Don't let the candle burn for more than 3~4 hours in a row.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
* Keep away from children, pets. Keep out of drafts.
* Place on a flat, stable, heat-resistant surface, and do not light the candle near flammable objects.
* Wait to trim the wick when the candle has cooled completely.
* Keep the wax pool free of debris and any other objects.
* Place in a glass or metal container, holder suitable for use with candles.


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