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Good Happy Kombucha Berry Good (Berry Schisandra) Kombucha home delivered by spray-free farmacy

Kombucha - Berry Schisandra (330ml)

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Formerly called "Berry Good" , the Good Happy Berry Schisandra Kombucha is a special blend of oolong and jasmine tea naturally fermented for 30 days. Locally grown blueberries are blended and squeezed into the brew along with vanilla beans soaked for over 24 hours. 

Good Happy is brewed in small batches which is allow to naturally ferment for about 30 days. It's born from a special blend of oolong and jasmine tea and is only flavoured with real fruit, herbs, vegetables, roots and spices. Everything is sourced as local as possible, in most cases, from the good teams mates farms just up the road. It's real kombucha fortified with functional adaptogens which help bring our nervous system in balance.

Good Happy is made by a couple of mates in Mullumbimby.

Good Happy started brewing Kombucha to add a little moreness to their nearest and dearest's lives by making adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms more accessible. A real kombucha seemed the most delicious and beneficial way to share these magic botanicals with the world. If you're not familiar with adaptogens, they derive from plants and counteract the effects of stress in the body. 

Good Happy is different to the other stuff you might find in the fridge because they don't use any weird sweeteners, powders or syrups for flavour, they do not dilute the kombucha down with water or let it turn to vinegar. It's 100% raw kombucha bottled at its peak for flavour with the added bonus of functional adaptogens. The Good Happy is unpasteurized to keep all the good beneficial probiotics alive so there is a 6 month best before and it needs to be stored refrigerated.


Ingredients: *schisandra berries, vanilla extra (from vanilla beans), blueberries (spray free), filtered water, *raw sugar, *green tea. Oolong tea (spray free), kombucha culture. (* certified organic ingredient) 



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