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GF Life Changing Pastry (450gm)

GF Life Changing Pastry (450gm)

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Quirky Cooking came up with this pastry/dough because they wanted a delicious grain – free alternative that was entirely made of real food.  The result was so spectacular that they called it Life-Changing Dough!  Incredibly versatile, you can use this dough for sausage rolls, pie pastry, pizza bases, naan, flatbreads, bread rolls – you name it.  Some say this dough is the ‘real deal’ and don’t realise it is grain free.  Get recipe ideas at


This product is frozen and can be re frozen once thawed.

Storage: Keep in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to 7 days, or freeze for up to 3 months.

To use: Dust your workbench with tapioca flour, roll out 100g of dough using a rolling pin.

Ingredients: Almond meal, potato, tapioca flour, potato starch, olive oil, maple syrup, chia seeds, sea salt.

Primal Alternative Pastry is lovingly home-made in Australia with in a kitchen where peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, wheat, egg, cereals, crustacea, fish (including shellfish), sesame and lupin may be.

All the primal alternative products created by Char are done in a low tox kitchen, and all by-products from the process are either recycled (packaging) and composted (egg shells, vegetable scraps & biodegrade-able parchment paper).

All products are packaged in biodegrade-able cellophane.

Primal Alternative is a food range offering healthy, grain-free alternatives to the foods we love: bread, pizza, cookies, wraps and pastry, with paleo, primal, keto & vegan options. We make grain free easy. Charlene Cassie, a Brisbane-based Primalista (AKA Producer) creates these nutrient-dense foods from her council-approved kitchen and serves the Brisbane community. Char, a seasoned Sports Nutritionist and mum to 6 year old twin boys, is passionate about eating & living clean. Her creative outlet is in the kitchen - she loves creating nutrient-dense and nourishing food for her family and also focuses a lot on gut health.


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