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Pasta - GF Spaghetti (500gm)

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Made in Australia from at least 79% Australian ingredients Rice Flour (87%), Maize Flour (13%). 100% GMO Free.

BuonTempo Gluten Free Spaghetti is a versatile pasta the whole family will love.

BuonTempo is Italian for “Good time” and is also the name synonymous with quality and finesse for food creations that express individuality, quality, and value.

With its heritage deeply rooted in the pasta producing region of Abruzzi Italy, today the tradition continues in Australia and BuonTempo is the name known for producing delicious foods that reflect culture and culinary excellence.

Producing this quality pasta goes beyond that of the artisan pasta maker and takes into consideration all the aspects of modern day expectations including, nutrition, versatility, consistency and firmness after cooking typically referred to by Italians as Al’dente.

It is an art which is further expressed in the presentation on the dinner plate and of course the ultimate appreciation of the textures and flavours to the palate.

It is this experience we hope to bring to you and your family.

Here’s to Good Health and well being...

Buon Appeti. To BuonTempo for good times

Eat well, Drink moderately, Enjoy mostly.


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