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Golden Milk Concentrate (200gm)

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Experience the ultimate blend of tradition, quality, and health benefits with Lucy Locket's Golden Milk. 

A luxurious, organic, and nourishing golden milk paste that is sure to elevate your wellness journey. Rooted in an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, this golden elixir is carefully crafted with the finest fresh organic ingredients, including turmeric root, ginger root, real vanilla bean, hand-milled black pepper, and the richness of extra virgin coconut oil. Each element has been thoughtfully selected for their superfood qualities and their harmonious synergy, ensuring maximum health benefits for you.

Within each 200g jar of Lucy Locket's Golden Milk, you'll find three plump organic vanilla beans, enhancing the flavour profile and enriching your experience with every spoonful.

To enjoy this golden goodness, simply mix a teaspoon with your choice of milk and gently heat it for a comforting drink. Beyond being a soothing beverage, Lucy Locket's Golden Milk also serves as a delightful addition to your favourite smoothies, luscious salad dressings, or even as a tantalizing marinade for your next stir-fry.

About Lucy Locket's

As an advocate for sustainability and ethical production, they take great pride in sourcing their ingredients from organic suppliers who share our values. The star ingredients, organic turmeric and ginger root, hail from a local organic family farm in the scenic Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast in Southeast QLD.


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