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Kefir - Ginger & Citrus (CASE 16 cans)

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Ginger Citrus Water Kefir the best roots you’ll ever have, full of antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. You’ll get a vitamin c kick from the citrus & a powerful boost to your immune system.

Refreshingly sour & electric on the tongue, balanced with warm spice from the roots.

Organic Raw Water Kefir 96% (filtered water, raw sugar, molasses, bicarbonate soda mineral & kefir cultures)*, fresh lime/lemon juice*> (2%), fresh ginger juice* (1%) , fresh galangal juice* (1%).

Kefir is a traditional living beverage cultured from water kefir grains which are a unique Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast, called a SCOBY that converts water, fruits, nutrients & natural sugars into an effervescent refreshing beverage.

With a unique blend of probiotics, organic acids & enzymes said to detoxify the body & support gut health, water kefir acts like an adaptogen to aid your body in restoring its natural balance.


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