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Marinated Goat Cheese (320gm)

Marinated Goat Cheese (320gm)

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This is a fresh, handmade goat's milk cheese. The curd is delicately handled to create a satiny texture on the palate, conveying a mild goaty-herby flavour with a slightly citric finish. The cheese is marinated in a blend of extra virgin olive oil and canola oil that is infused with fresh herbs, this retains the integrity of the best quality milk used and does not impose to greatly on the refined flavours of the end-product. A truly refined cheese with the trademark full-bodied creaminess of products produced by Meredith Dairy.


Pasteurised Goats Milk,
Canola Oil (GMO Free),
Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Fresh Thyme,
Non-animal rennet,


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