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Microgreens - Broccoli Sprouts (50gm)

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Broccoli microgreens are baby broccoli plants harvested young. Mild in flavour, with a slightly bitter taste. Perfect for smoothies, salads etc.


Vitamins A, C, K + calcium. Up to 100 times more sulforaphane, reducing oxidative stress.

What are microgreens?

Basically, they’re young vegetables that have been picked just after the cotyledon stage. Unlike sprouts that are grown in water, microgreens are grown in soil (just like their mature counterparts) and are considered superfoods thanks to their high nutrient count.

Known for their aromatic flavours, variety of textures and colours, and beautiful aesthetics, microgreens are perfect additions to any plate. 

Our Microgreens come from Matt and Riley at Woodford Microgreens. Their rural farm is nestled among the fresh streams and magnificent flora between Woodford and Kilcoy in South East Queensland. They are passionate about using this great land both efficiently and sustainably, and are always looking to improve and reduce their impact.


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