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Flour - Whole Emmer (1kg)

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This Australian Emmer is grown using certified sustainable farming methods (ASP Certified) from farmers that focus on soil health. Emmer is thought to have originated in the late Paleolithic era (17,000BC) and cultivated began around (10,000BC)

This all-purpose, delicious flour can be substituted in any recipe where plain flour is required but does absorb more moisture so you may need to lower the recipe’s flour content slightly to accommodate the difference. With a savoury and nutty taste, this flour is great in traditional and herb breads, pizza bases, rolls, muffins, cakes and slices.

Sovereign Foods is a supplier of Australian grown pantry produce.

Ingredients - Emmer Wheat Grain

ABOUT ASP Certification

ASP Certified produce is tested to ensure it is: Residue-Free, Non-GMO and independent emissions calculations on our wheat show 75% fewer Green House Gas emissions than conventional production.

We continue to test our certified products to ensure that we deliver food of the highest quality that is nutrient-dense, and monitor our farmer’s soils to ensure the practices in place, are building soil.

ASP Certified farmers understand and nurture the relationship between soil and plant health. They know that by building better soil health and nutrition, they produce healthier plants that are less susceptible to disease and insect attack.


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