A real coffee alternative that tastes great!

A real coffee alternative that tastes great!

Unlock your natural energy, enhance mental clarity and nourish your body.

We love this delicious blend by Lov Mate - a small company run by a husband and wife team in Murwillimbah. Ben and Sanae were on the hunt for a replacement to their morning coffee ritual, discovered Yerba Mate, and never looked back! After a couple of years of experimentation, they came up with the perfect blend - a delicious earthy combination of Yerba Mate, Raw Cacao, Guarana and Maca Root.

All of these organic ingredients have incredible healing and energising properties...

Yerba Maté (Mah-Tay): ethically farmed and organically produced this magical South American herb contains natural stimulants, powerful antioxidants and acts as an alkaliser to balance the PH levels of an acidic diet.

Guarana: assists with weight loss, stress relief, enhanced mental focus and physical performance.

Raw Cacao: rich in magnesium and other essential minerals. May assist in slowing the aging process, act as a mood enhancer and boost energy levels.

Maca: a grounding adaptogen with a nutty flavour known to improve the bodies ability to deal with stress. Maca is used to enhance stamina and libido by balancing hormones.

Yerba Maté is known for providing an energy hit that is smooth, calm and long lasting. Along with caffeine, yerba maté contains two related compounds, theobromine and theophylline.

These three alkaloids work together to provide unique, mild stimulant effects. The powerful combination means that not only does Lov maté Organic Energy Brew offer a energy hit to wake you up in the morning but continues to provide energy, endurance and focus for your entire day.

While providing you with the energy you need it’s working simultaneously to nourish your body ensuring you don’t end up with the energy slump and ’empty’ feeling that caffeine often leaves us with. The stimulants in this brew actually assist with lowering stress levels and enhance the quality of your sleep.

How to make the perfect cuppa...

Warm Energy Brew: Add 2 teaspoons of Organic Energy Brew to a cup, add 1/4 cup of hot (not boiling) water and stir. Fill remainder of cup with hot or frothed milk of your choice.

Iced Maté Latte: Blend 2 teaspoons of Organic Energy Brew with 1 cup of milk and sweetener of your choice. Pour over ice.

Café Style Maté latte: Add milk and 2 teaspoons of Organic Energy Brew to a milk jug and froth until a temperature of between 50-60 degrees reached. Serve with chocolate on top.

It's so yummy. Like a thick, creamy, hot chocolate. Add a little ghee or coconut oil for the addeed benefit of some good fats.


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