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  • Farm fresh made easy

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  • Know Your Farmer

  • Supporting local, spray-free farmers since 2015
  • A Better Way to Shop

  • Easy, affordable, waste-free and fair for farmers
  • Create a better world

  • Choosing spray-free isn't just about you
  • Healthy kids

  • Love the taste of real food

Farm fresh made easy

Pick what you want with no commitment Shop Now

Know Your Farmer

Supporting local, spray-free farmers since 2015 Meet the Farmers

A Better Way to Shop

Easy, affordable, waste-free and fair for farmers How it Works

Create a better world

Choosing spray-free isn't just about you Why Spray-Free

Healthy kids

Love the taste of real food Feed your family the best

Say hello to a better food system

Why battle supermarket crowds for produce that's been sprayed with nasty chemicals and shipped all over the country when you can get fresh, spray-free food straight from local farmers and makers?!

We make it EASY for Brisbane and Gold Coast families to enjoy fresh organic food that tastes and smells like real food should.

We support small farmers who don't use chemicals and focus on regenerating their land, as well as artisan food makers who choose only the best organic ingredients for their delicious creations.

Collect for free from any of our 34 pick up locations or choose home delivery for $10.

Home delivery is FREE for orders over $190.

Farmers picking fruit

Why 500+ families get their fresh food from us every week:

Our Zero-Waste Cycle

You Order Online

By Midnight Tuesday

Pick what you want and select a pick up location or home delivery.

We Harvest & Pack

Wednesday to Friday

Your produce and groceries are lovingly collected and packed in recycled boxes with minimal plastic. We only order what we need so there's no waste.

Delivery to You

Thursday to Saturday

Collect your fresh goodies from one of our 30+ pick up locations across Brisbane and the Gold Coast or have it delivered to your door.

Enjoy Fresh Food!

Without the added chemicals

Feel great about supporting local farmers and makers whilst feeding your family the best quality food.

Our Impact


Spray-Free & Organic Farms we support


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We love our customers and they love us too

We have been buying our fruit and veg from spray-free farmacy now since the beginning of the year. All of the produce we receive is tasty. I find the kids even ask to eat fruit and other salad items more often. So even they have noticed the difference in quality and taste compared to the supermarket. We brought our first nuts (almonds) this week and my partner asked where they came from as he said they are the tastiest he has had in a long time. We definitively will not be going back to the supermarket for our fruit and veg.

Merendi Leverett, Ferny Hills

I love getting my box of super fresh chemical free produce from spray free. Always excellent quality with no imperfections and great value. The convenience of local pick up and the option of item swaps makes it so easy to switch to pesticide free.

Jasmine Jones, Tarragindi

I love Spray-free Farmacy! The produce is so fresh and it tastes so much better than generic produce from the supermarket. I was previously buying organic produce but once I tried Spray-free Farmacy I couldn't believe the quality and I was amazed at how much I received for the price. I love that I'm supporting local Australian farmers and a lovely local family business. I'm so grateful we have access to such beautiful fruit and veggies. Thank you Spray-free Farmacy!

Trevor Ronnfeldt, Moggill

A blood test I had a while back showed high pesticide levels though I felt well. That alarmed me so I’ve tried to buy organic ever since. I prefer to support local growers whose produce is also chemical free and hasn’t travelled hundreds of kilometres to reach the consumer. Therefore Spray-Free Farmacy answers all my requirements.

Also, most important, everything tastes so good.

Elaine Gardiner

I was sick of paying good money for produce that did not last. Spray-Free Farmacy's fruit and veggies are straight from the farmer and as they are sooo fresh they last for quite a long time in the fridge.

Your whole health depends on what you put into your mouth, and with your spray free and organic fruit and veggies I have peace of mind knowing that I am looking after my family.

So lucky to have found you.

Estelle Hannan

It genuinely tastes better. The flavour just can’t be beaten, I can’t get over it.

Everything I get from the supermarket now seems bland, like a watered down version of itself.

It makes me and my kids love fruit and veg more!

Kelly Grogan

Absolutely love Spray Free Farmacy. It’s so good to support local business, both farmers and distributors. Organic food has always been our preferred way of eating and also the packing (or lack thereof) makes this an even more sustainable way to shop.

Nicola De Silva

I always tried to buy organic but if you try to buy organic at the supermarket, the range is limited, usually prohibitively expensive unless it’s getting old and hence reduced price, and it’s all packaged in plastic. I don’t know anyone who wants to buy only or mostly organic and doesn’t care about plastic packaging. Even organic bananas from the supermarket have those awful stickers on them. My worm farm doesn’t care for stickers. I love that we can get almost all our fruit & veg from Spray-Free Farmacy - it’s fresh, spray-free, convenient and hasn’t been over handled.

Helen Raya

So many quiet smiles of joy in unpacking our box tonight - sugar snap peas, fresh turmeric, star fruit and pears! How delightful and exciting eating with the seasons can be once you change how you buy your produce.

Jacqui Doyle, Pullenvale

I think it is terrific! I honestly did not know that potatoes actually had a flavour until I ate one of yours! My daughter in law and I both love getting our orders and my daughter is going to order soon as well. Thank you. I love it!

Diann O'Flaherty, Mount Warren Park

We loved the order last week... Amazing what real fresh veggies smell and taste like. My kids and I were marveling at the real lettuce smell!

Kate Clayfield, Ferny Hills

Oh my gosh. Picked up my box today and everything is soooo fresh and smells just like veggies and fruit should smell like. Definitely getting this again.

Tracy Joy, Albion

Well I have only tried the carrots, zucchini and a tomato out of my box but golly gosh..... WOW!!! The flavours are astonishing! The sweet and juicy and tasty! And the zucchinis have flavour! I took a carrot for a friend at work and she was equally impressed. Will definitely be a return customer.

Belinda Newman, Ormeau

I got my first box of organic fruit and vegetables from Spray-Free Farmacy today. How lucky am I that I can access local chemical-free produce... It was so fresh it even came with a jumping spider on the bananas! The carrots are the best carrots I've tasted in years and honestly say you can taste the difference in all of the food.

Belinda, Essential Restoratives (Instagram), Kenmore

I received my first order last week and wow. I can't remember the last time I had produce that was so fresh. Everyone here has commented on it. The pineapple superb and the cabbage! So big I couldn't fit it in the fridge without cutting it in half and yum so delicious. Plus the added bonus that you supply our gluten free bread as well! I am so looking forward to my next order! Thank you!

Heather Jennings, Victoria Point

My family loves the pink ladies in last week’s box. They are so good. Thanks for the fresh and healthy veggies and fruits. Sometimes I get veggies that I don’t usually buy so I’m more inspired and motivated to cook with new recipe and we have a more varied and balanced diet so healthier. I’m so happy with the change. Now whenever I go to big supermarkets and see the “perfect” looking veggies and fruits they don’t seem natural at all.

Lily Shuai, Wynnum

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