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Is Everything on Your Site Spray-Free or Organic?

Yes, everything on our site is spray-free, Certified Chemical-Free or Certified Organic. We only offer produce and products that we're happy to feed our own family (and we're very particular!).

What Does Spray-Free Mean?

Spray-free means the produce has been grown without the use of any chemical sprays. It's very close to organic but without the certification. Most of the farmers we source from grow small crops, using their own homemade compost. They rotate crops, companion plant and many even harvest their own seeds. This is the way people have grown food for centuries - working with nature instead of against it.

How Do I Know It's Spray-Free?

When we take on a new farmer we ask them a series of questions about their farming methods to ensure no nasty chemicals are used at any stage of growing, harvesting or packaging. Some of our farmers are also "in-conversion" to organic or already have organic or chemical-free certification.

Others are only small scale operators so they do seek organic certification due to the time and cost restraints involved.

Where Does the Food Come From?

We source our produce from approximately 25 small farms. Many are located near our Farmer Kel's place at Sandy Creek (near Woodford) while others are in the Lockyer Valley, Gympie, Bundaberg, Mt Cotton and Gatton, to name a few. We also source a small number of items like carrots and onions from Tasmania where the climate is much better for this type of produce.

We prioritise choosing local but we also want to offer plenty of variety for our customers. When items are unavailable here due to the warmer weather, we will sometimes source them from down south through our local Certified Organic wholesaler. 

Do You Sell "Ugly", Misshapen Produce?

Occasionally we do have produce that doesn't look like your standard produce (how we've come to expect it to look) and we certainly don't discriminate against "ugly" produce if that's what the farmer sends us, we send that out with our regular produce. Sometimes you might find a heart shaped potato (that ain't ugly!) or some oversized zucchinis. But generally our carrots and root vegetables all look quite uniform. This is because the soil our farmers use is such good quality and has been broken down over the years with what occurs naturally in the soil (and not contaminated with pesticides) that there aren't actually a great deal of misshapen vegetables.

If there are any, the farmers usually keep and use them for themselves or sell them to people who own horses. Everyone wins this way. The farmers sell the uniform vegetables because they are paid more for them, they can then afford to feed themselves and they're happy eating the leftover produce or sell them at a discount for the horses so the horses are happy too!


Can I create a Subscription order?

Yes you can! You can pick any combination of items, go to the checkout and as you proceed through you'll be asked whether this is a one time order or if you'd like to create a weekly or fortnightly subscription.

If you create a subscription, you'll receive an email each Friday (weekly or fortnightly) confirming the contents of your order. Sometimes there may be items we no longer have available but you'll have the opportunity to add or remove items as you wish. You just have to put your changes in by midnight Tuesday.

If you wish to pause or cancel your subscription order, this needs to be done by midnight Tuesday of the week you want to change.

Of course you can also put through a one-time order each week - there's no commitment required!

Can I pick exactly what I want?

Yes! We hate waste so we never wanted to lock customers into receiving a set box which may contain items they won't use. Simply pick what you want or choose a Custom Box and swap items to your liking.

Even subscription orders can be adjusted as you like each week. 


What do I do at the Pick-up Point?

Keep an eye out for our email instructions on this. Basically, you need to check the clipboard to confirm your name is on the list and find the boxes with your name on them. If you placed a large order, there may be more than 1 so be sure to look for 1/2 or 2/2 on the label, indicating that you have 2 boxes.

If you ordered frozen items, they will be in the freezer (only certain pick up locations have freezers). 

If you ordered cold items, they may be in a central cold box - you may need to collect your items from there. Take some time to check you have everything you ordered before you leave.

What if I forget to collect my order?

We will send you a text message when your order is ready to collect. We ask that you please try to collect within 5 hours to ensure your order is not sitting outside too long. All our pick up points are shady, but they are outdoors, so if you do not collect within this time frame we cannot guarantee your produce will still be perfect.

We ask our pick up point owners to let us know if anyone forgets to collect, but sometimes they are out themselves and we don't know. If we do find out we'll text you another reminder, but essentially it is your responsibility to remember to collect your order. It will be there waiting for you until you collect it.

Can You Make My Home a Pick up Point?

This is something we can definitely look at. It would need to fit in with our delivery routes or be in an area we're looking at expanding to. Your house or business would need to have a large, covered, shady area for our boxes to be left for at least half a day, sometimes longer. You wouldn't need to be home the whole time but the area would need to be accessible to our customers during this period without locked gates or dogs.

We also ask that you have space to store any returned boxes that we will come back and collect at another time. If any boxes were left later in the day then we ask that you call us to let us know so we can advise the customer.

If that all sounds great then complete this form and we'll be in touch.

Register Your Interest Here.

Can I get a delivery time for my home delivery?

Yes, we include an estimated delivery time in your delivery confirmation email which goes out at 4pm on Wednesday afternoons. Please allow up to 2 hours around this time for unexpected traffic, changes etc.

Quality Guarantee

What if I'm not happy with the quality of an item I received?

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction! If you ever receive an item in your box that you're unhappy with we are more than happy to replace it on your next order or provide you with a credit code to take the cost off your next order. Please give us the opportunity to do this for you rather than being unhappy with your order.

In our text message to let you know your order is being delivered or ready for pick up, we include a link to our feedback form. Please let us know what you think of your order in there. Good feedback is highly welcome too!


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