Create a Subscription

Let us do the shopping for you!

Afraid you might forget to put your order in on time? We get it, life is busy and even with multiple SMS and email reminders it can be hard to remember to order each week!

We don't want you to miss out on the freshest food in town so if you want a similar order each week, let us take care of it for you by creating a subscription.

Start with one of our seasonal Set Boxes and add any extras you'd like with each order. We'll pop the order through for you weekly or fortnightly (your choice).

It's super easy to set up and you can pause or cancel anytime, as long as it's by midnight Tuesday the week you want to make changes.

Click here to create your Subscription Order.



Will I be able to check my order each week/fortnight?

Yes, we'll email you a summary of your order to review every Monday. Please reply to the email to advise of any changes by Midnight Tuesday. If we don't hear from you, we'll process the order as is on Wednesday morning.

Do I have to choose a set box?

Preferably yes. The Set Boxes form the base of every subscription order and contain a mix of fresh, seasonal produce. Of course if you only want 10 bunches of celery each week we can do that too.

Can I make swaps?

Yes. If there are items you don't like and never want to receive in your box, just list these for us on the subscription form. If you want to make specific changes based on what's in the box each week, you'll need to let us know before Midnight Tuesday each week.  Simple reply to the Order Review email or drop us a line at

Can I add extra Fruit & Veg to the Set Box?

Yes. Just list which items you'd like using the subscription form.

Can I add Milk, Eggs, Bread or other grocery items to my subscription?

Yes. You can add particular items you'd like to receive with each order using the subscription form. If there are items you want sometimes but not every week, reply to your Order Review email (sent on Mondays) and let us know what you'd like to add.

Can I cancel, pause or change my order?

Of course! Just let us know what you want to change via email before Midnight Tuesday the week your order is due to arrive.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment is by credit card. We will process this for you.

How do I create a subscription order?

Simply complete this handy little Google Form right here.

More questions?

Email us at