Collecting from a Pick-up Point

We don't just deliver to your door - we also have a network of more than 30 Pick-up Points throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. These help us save time and fuel and help you save on delivery fees.

Pick-up Points are generally at our customer's homes or some businesses or schools. It's important to remember these people have volunteered to allow our customers to collect from their places. They do not work for us and they don't need to be home or answer the door for you. 

You can find the address of your selected pick up point on our map here. We will also text you the address at 4pm on Wednesday when confirming all the orders for the week. Boxes are usually fairly easy to locate but at some locations they are around the back of the house - where possible we have placed signage to guide you.

If you get lost or can't find the boxes - please text us on 0480 079 218 and we'll reply as quickly as possible (usually within 20 minutes).

What To Do At The Pick-Up Point

  • Check the list to confirm what you ordered and tick your name off. Eggs and bread may be in the box, on top of your box or located in a central box nearby (we have to do this sometimes to keep birds away).
  • Find the boxes with your name on them - look at the label to see if there is more than 1 box for you (indicated by 1/2, 1/3 etc.).
  • Stack any empty boxes you are returning neatly.
  • Be careful while carrying heavy boxes to your car! Bring help if you need it.
  • Cold and Frozen items will be packed inside your box in thermal packaging but these should be transferred to your fridge or freezer at home without delay.

If someone is picking up for you - please make sure they know what to do!

Please keep your boxes and return them next time. If you tend to forget to return them, we encourage you to bring bags or a basket and unpack your goodies into that so you can leave the box there.

When To Pick Up

When we confirm the week's orders on Wednesday afternoon we will text you the pick up point address and the time we expect to be dropping off there that week. The time can vary a little from week to week.

Our driver will also text you once the boxes have been dropped off - we recommend waiting for the text so you don't waste a trip however, if you don't receive a text, be sure to check with us as our drivers do occasionally forget to text!

What If I Can't Pick Up?

Once we have dropped your box off our team does not go back to that pick-up point until the following week. We ask our pick-up point owners to let us know if there are boxes that haven't been collected and when this happens we'll send you another reminder text.

If you cannot collect please notify us asap and we can ask the home owner to bring the box inside for you and keep it safe. Please note this is not always possible, for example if the home owner is away or unavailable.

It is your responsibility to collect the box within a reasonable time once it is delivered so please be sure to make arrangements in advance.