Belvedere Farm

Belvedere Farm

Meet the Belvedere Farm Fam: Nick and Brydie, and their son Harlan. Their farm is nestled on Jinibara country, just north of Brisbane between Woodford and Maleny. At Belvedere, their motto is simple yet profound: food, community, and change. Their daily grind involves tending to a vibrant ecosystem where the soil is robust, plants thrive, water runs clear, animals live contentedly, and humans find fulfilment. Recently, we chatted with Nick to discover more about their passion and dedication to redefining the future of sustainable farming.

So, how did you get into farming?

I grew up on a farm and I am a fifth-generation farmer. We started building Belvedere in 2014 and moved in two years later, so we’ve been running it for 6 years now. Not a single generation before me has been able to pass on their farm to the next generation, so I hope I’ll be the first!

Can you tell us more about your farming philosophy?

Our motto is food, community, change. We have a deep respect for country and we believe in growing food in a way that really looks after it. We’re also passionate about building community with what we do, because you can’t do this kind of work alone. There’s no point in running a regenerative farm in isolation. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to and bring about positive change on this planet.


How do you ensure that your farming practices are sustainable?

​​With zero reliance on chemicals, our holistic farm plan makes animal-centric decisions, ensuring they're always healthy and happy. We pack and grade all of our eggs personally, and transport our pigs and cattle to the abattoir ourselves to ensure that their processing is stress-free.

Do you have any big plans for the year ahead?

We are currently working to expand next year to a bigger farm. We’re also planning on running farm tours in 2024, so stay tuned!


What's one thing about you that most people would be surprised to learn?

I’m afraid of the dark… Which makes farm life interesting when we have to be out before the sun comes up or in the middle of the night when the chickens start squawking!

You can order Belvedere’s delicious Pastered, Nitrate-Free Bacon directly from our website. 

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