Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #35

Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #35

Hey there, Farmacy Foodie! 👋

We hope you're gearing up for a fantastic week ahead, filled with laughter, love, and of course, delicious food adventures. 🌞

✨ First off, let's talk tech! Tomorrow, a few of our fantastic team members are taking a field trip into the world of AI. We're on a mission to explore how AI could lend a hand with some of our day-to-day tasks, so that we can all be a little more efficient and make time for some of the bigger picture stuff. 😄 Don't worry, though – we solemnly swear robots won't be roaming our warehouse shelves any time soon! We'll always put real people first.

Now, about those shelves, 🛒 we're on a mission to make your grocery experience even more awesome. Is there a product you've been longing to see us stock? An old favourite or a new discovery? We're all ears! Feel free to shoot us an email or hop over to our Farmacy Family Facebook Group, where we often ask for feedback on products we’re considering and share advance notice of new products before they land on our website.

We're also busy making plans to celebrate our upcoming 8th birthday! Yep, 8 years we've been delivering fresh, spray-free food to the people of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Time flies when you're having fun!



As one chapter closes, another opens - sadly, it's time to say goodbye to those delightful Desiree Potatoes as their season is now ended. But hey, if you've got a soft spot for those Desiree delights, you’ll love the Dutch Cream potato! 🥔 Certified organic and Tasmanian-grown, these beauties are a kitchen MVP. Mashed, roasted, baked, boiled – they do it all, and they do it well. 🤩

We’ve also been seeing some really beautiful Sweet Corn over the last couple of weeks. 🌽 Grown certified organic by the Duke Family just outside of Bundaberg, the sweet corn is so good it can be eaten raw straight off the cob! 

And if you want to make one last batch of winter soup before Spring fully springs, grab a whole head of Cauliflower and pair it with some Sebago Potatoes (both are on special this week). 🥣 You’ll be able to whip up some dreamy, creamy soup to farewell Winter and toast the arrival of Spring!



Good Happy's "Berry Good" Kombucha has donned a fresh identity – say hello to "Berry Schisandra". 🍇 Named after the beautiful berries that provide the complex flavour of this rockstar kombucha. Sweet, tangy, and naturally caffeine-free, this one's a winner. And guess what? We've sprinkled a little discount on it, just for you to sip and savour!

We’ve also updated the product name on our favourite Biltong from Barbell Foods. Originally called “Benchmark” because they say when they perfected their spice mix that it set the benchmark for the best biltong they had ever eaten. 🍖  Benchmark now goes by the moniker “Classic”. It’s still the OG original spice blend that it has always been, just with new branding to make it easier for new customers to know that it’s the original (and the best, in our opinion). 😇

You might notice a few other small updates to product names over the coming week as our Grocery Team undertakes some housekeeping 🧹 ahead of our new website arriving.  Let us know if there’s anything you notice that needs to be updated!


Thanks for being part of our Spray-Free family! 🌿 Your healthy choices are making a difference not just for you, but our environment and farmers too.

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