Farmacy Weekly Report 2024 Week #23

Organic Delights Delivered to Your Doorstep in Brisbane and Gold Coast! At Spray-Free Farmacy, we're excited to bring you the best spray free and organic fruits, vegetables and groceries home delivered across South East Queensland.
We hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to a magnificent week! 🌼✨
Heads up, lovers of Indie Bakehouse! Our incredibly talented baker, Tanya from Indie Bakehouse, will be away visiting family from July through to September. This means her fantastic array of sourdoughs won't be available for the time that she is away. If you can't live without her delicious breads, make sure to clear some room in your freezer and stock up while they're still available.
Bread will be available to order until Wednesday 3 July.  Her team will continue to provide cookies and (everyone’s favourite) brekky bars, but sadly won’t have the capacity to produce breads. 🍞🍪
Get ready for a sweet treat! Strawberries are arriving from Ashbern Farms. Grown on the sunny Sunshine Coast, these organic strawberries are juicy and sweet! 🍓🌞 As it's the start of the local season, prices are a bit higher, but we’ll soon be getting into more abundant supply which will see the price lower.
We’ve been given the heads up to expect a change in variety of mandarins this coming week as the Imperials finish their growing season and start to be replaced with other varieties. For the next few weeks, we will see a mix of Hickson and Emperor mandarins for you to enjoy. Just $7.80kg! 🍊✨
Celery is on special this week! Green, fresh, and perfect for your winter soups, stews, and casseroles 🥬🍲 this celery comes from Black Gold Organics in Koo Wee Rup, Victoria. Just $11.90 for a whole or $5.95 for a half.
Our freezers are full again with beautiful Macintyre Brook Lamb. Lovingly pasture-raised by the McInnerney Family, who share a deep commitment to regenerative agriculture. You’ll find everything from roasts to ribs, chops, and cutlets. 🐑🌿
Our Grocery team has been busy finding some great new lines for you to enjoy this week.
Make your weekday dinners in a flash with some fantastic new recipe bases from Mingle. With a squeaky-clean ingredients list, these little packets pack a great big flavour hit. We’ve started with two flavours we think everyone will love, Mexican and Stroganoff. 🌮🍲 Let us know which other flavours you think we should get! 
From Ajita’s Vege Chips, we’ve got four great flavours to improve your snacking game. Available in BBQ, Sour Cream & Chives, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Yellow Sweet Potato. Gluten-free, lightly salted, and with no added MSG or other nasties, these Vege Chips are a snack you can feel great about! 🍠🧂
We’ve also added the extremely popular GoodMix Blend 11 Breakfast Mix and Blend 13 Paleo Mix. GoodMix is a superfood breakfast seed mix perfect for anyone wanting to support comfortable, healthy digestion and metabolism. 🥣💪 Like muesli, but with higher protein and good fats, plus the benefit of being gluten-free. 
Thank you for being part of our spray-free family! 💛 Your healthy choices make a difference not just for you, but for our environment and farmers too. We look forward to another wonderful week of bringing you the best organic and spray-free produce. 🌿✨
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