Farmacy Weekly Report Week #48 2021


Week #48 - deliveries from 9-11 December 2021 (order by midnight Tuesday)

Hi Foodies!

The rain has finally stopped! But it's not without a big toll on some of our farmers, including Denis from Stanthorpe who has sadly lost most of his stone fruit crop. Too much rain has caused the fruit to split.

We may still be able to offer some of it to you though - it'll be great for jams and stews. We're waiting for more details from Denis but keep an eye out for super cheap nectarines and peaches in the store in the next few days.


New this week we have 100kg of Certified Organic Apricots. Yum! 

We're on the lookout for more Stone Fruit and Cherries but they're proving hard to come by this year. We're not sure yet whether we'll have enough fruit to put together our usual Christmas Fruit Boxes but we're working on it! Fingers crossed.

No Pink Lady Apples from Tassie this week but we have the Royal Galas for a little longer. Good idea to grab a few packs as these won't be available for much longer and apple season won't start again till February.

Back in stock we have:

  • Swiss Button Mushrooms
  • Royal Gala Apples
  • Rainbow Silverbeet
New this week from Primal Alternative we have:
  • GF Fruit Mince Pies
  • GF Fat & Seedy Pizza Bases

Be sure to check out the whole Christmas Bakery Collection here.

All the new staples are proving really popular. We've restocked everything for you this week. There's so much to choose from now! We still have plenty of Venison Salami available too (great for Christmas platters).

  • Garlic - down from $7 to $5
  • Shallots - down from $4.50 to $3
  • Kalamata Olives - down from $8.50 to $5.50
  • Sweet Corn Kernels - down from $4 to $3
  • Cassava Flour - down from $26 to $22


No matter your stance on the whole mandate situation currently unfolding in our state, I'm sure we can all acknowledge that many people are suffering. Many are losing their jobs and struggling with the stress of needing to find new ways to support their families.

We want to help where we can so we've decided to donate 3 x Large Fruit & Veg Boxes each week to families who are in need of a little kindness. 

You can nominate a family, or yourself, by completing this form.

We'll choose 3 families to receive a free box each week during December. Let's show our community that the world is still a good and kind place.

Have a marvellous week!

Kristen x


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