Farmacy Weekly Report Week #49 2021

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #49 2021

Week #49 - deliveries from 16-18 December 2021 (order by midnight Tuesday)

Hi Foodies!

It's been a big week for us personally was we have been moving house to Cashmere, whilst things have been super busy with Christmas orders. 

We are excited to settle in during the holiday season, and get used to being Chicken owners! We inherited 5 chickens with our new house and we are all enjoying getting to know them. The girls love their new pets and are so excited to discover eggs every day.

During the move we discovered our old "Our Home" vision board we'd made more than 12 months ago. Of course, a bunch of the pictures look almost exactly like the house we've just moved into! We manifested our dream home ❤️

Have you started thinking about what you'd like to manifest in 2022? Never forget how powerful you are.


Drum roll... this week we have an abundance of summer fruits! 

Once we went spray-free as family, we noticed it was harder to get access to things like grapes, peaches and cherries which were normally readily available through your conventional supermarket.

If anything, eating this way brings you back to a true seasonal eating cycle, and eating what nature is providing at the right times.

Plus, when these fruits finally become available they become even more valuable - like a delicious, sweet and healthy treat. The wait is well worth the reward!

You'll be excited to know that this week we've got in stock:

  • Grapes
  • Passionfruit 
  • Cherries
  • Peaches

Yum! Corn and Baby Spinach are also back.


I was worried we wouldn't be able to get enough summer fruits to create our traditional Christmas Fruit Boxes for you this year but luckily Farmer Kel came through with the goods.

We have Large ($100) and Regular ($60) Christmas Fruit Boxes available for the next few weeks. 

Click here to see what's in them.

Available for a limited time only so get in quick! And remember you can also order all these items individually if you prefer.


While there is no new grocery update from last week, we wanted to remind you that we have a huge range of Christmas baked goods!

Make sure you get your order in because these ones only come around once a year.

      Be sure to check out the whole Christmas Bakery Collection here.


      We've been busy packaging up a bunch of Corporate Gift Boxes for our friends at Aireco recently. Their clients have been over the moon to receive such thoughtful gifts.

      The boxes have included: Organic Cherries & Apricots, Hampton Blue Jam, Bask & Co Granola, Temptress Woke Brew, Pico Chocolate, Pana Chocolate Spread and Gutsy Festive Plum Shrub. All packaged up with a lovely note explaining where it all comes from, and lots of love.

      If you need some last minute gifts we'd be happy to design some of these for you too! Just ask.

      Christmas Fruit Boxes

       💲 SPECIALS

      • Coconut Yoghurt: Honey, Mango, Natural & Mixed berry - down from $9 to $8
      • Coconut Ice Cream: Chocolate Ripple, Salted Caramel, Mint Choc-Chip, Vanilla Bean - down from $10 to $9 
      • Sheep Milk Yoghurt - down from $7.50 to $6
      • Oranges Valencia - down from $4.50 to $3.50
      • White Spelt Flour, Unbleached - down from $9.50 to $8.50
      • Dishwash Liquid - down from $7.50 to $6.50
      • Corn on the Cob - down from $3 to $2.50
      • Salted Caramel Chocolate - down from $6 to $5


      To spread Kindness this December, we're giving away 3 x Large Fruit & Veg Boxes every week to families in need.

      You can nominate a family, or yourself, by completing this form.

      Let's show our community that the world is still a good and kind place even in this time of such upheaval.

      Have a great week and a very Merry Christmas!

      Kristen x

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