Farmacy Weekly Report Week #50 2021

Farmacy Weekly Report Week #50 2021

Week #50 - deliveries from 22-24 December 2021 (order by midnight MONDAY)

Hi Foodies!

Can you believe it's nearly Christmas?!

I hope you've got some lovely things planned with the people you love and of course, lots of good food!


Super important to note, due to Christmas Day and New Years Day falling on Saturdays this year, we're shifting our whole schedule forward a day. This means orders for Christmas week and New Years week delivery will be due by Midnight Monday.

Deliveries/pick up will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If you usually get your order on...

  • Thursday - moved to Wednesday
  • Friday - moved to Thursday
  • Saturday - moved to Friday.

Keep an eye out for your confirmation email on TUESDAY afternoon confirming an approximate delivery/pick up time. If you're collecting from a pick up point please wait for the text message before heading out to collect.

Everything will go back to normal in the first week of January.


While we love the giving nature of Christmas, we also believe that it can get a little overboard at times.

"Do we really need more stuff?" Is what we find ourselves asking often. To which our kids will always answer 'YES!' haha.

This year, why not surprise someone with the gift of nourishment, the gift of food? It only takes up space in your house for a short amount of time, and is definitely an essential item.

This year we have a few great Christmas Gift ideas that a loved one might like, or perhaps something you can ask Santa for *wink wink*.

  • Christmas Fruit Boxes - gift someone (or yourself) a box full of fresh spray-free produce straight from the farm!
  • Gift Vouchers - gift vouchers are always a winner. Our gift vouchers start at $25 and go all the way up to $200.
  • Witches Brew - this is a new product we have in stock, and is a great little gift that could come in handy if you need an immune boost over the holidays or just in general. Comes packaged in a neat little gift box. Handmade at Ocean View.
  • Chocolate - honestly, we'd also be very happy if we just received lots of organic chocolate for Christmas. If I was Santa I'd definitely be putting you on my nice list hehe
  • Grocery Items - And of course, you can literally gift someone anything on our menu - including shelf-stable items or things that go in the fridge or freezer and last a bit longer than fruit and veg. Mind you, nothing lasts long in our pantry/fridge.


Back in stock this week: Sweet corn, dutch carrots, limes, broccoli (yay!) and rocket.


Don't forget we currently have epic Christmas Fruit Boxes!

We have Large ($100) and Regular ($60) Christmas Fruit Boxes available for the next few weeks only.

Click here to see what's in them.

Remember you can also order all these items individually if you prefer.


Our newest item in stock is 'Aunty Keety's Witches Brew'.

Aunty Keety's Witches Brew is handmade locally in the Moreton Bay Region using a recipe from a Chinese herbalist. With Astragalus, Echinacea, Elderberry, Manuka Honey and Olive Leaf Extract, Aunty Keety's Witches Brew is a powerful and potent elixir to add to your home apothecary. 

The ingredients work together to strengthen the immune system and are super rich in antioxidants. This may help with cardiovascular health, reducing inflammation, joint mobility, blood pressure, and reduce the risk of cancers. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties so is a powerhouse in helping ward off colds and viruses.

Order your Witch's Brew here



  • Zucchini - down from $6.00 to $3.50
  • Mangoes - down from $4.50 to $3.50
  • Mango Trays - down from $65 to $55


To spread Kindness this December, we're giving away 3 x Large Fruit & Veg Boxes every week to families in need.

You can nominate a family, or yourself, by completing this form.

Let's show our community that the world is still a good and kind place even in this time of such upheaval.

Have a great week and a very Merry Christmas!

Kristen x

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