NEW PRODUCTS - Dark Chocolate Granola & Almond Butter

NEW PRODUCTS - Dark Chocolate Granola & Almond Butter

Yum! Janessa from Bask & Co is expanding her product line, adding a delicious Dark Chocolate Granola and Insecticide Free Dark Roasted Almond Butter alongside her original Almond and Coconut Granola. We're excited to add these to our store this week.

The Dark Chocolate granola is an indulgent breakfast option or snack. Enjoy it with coconut yoghurt and fresh berries, on top of ice cream or straight out of the bag! If you love 85% - 90% dark chocolate, this is the granola for you.

The Almond Butter is thick and creamy and just delicious! The roasted almonds give it an amazing flavour. Best of all it's made from insecticide free almonds - something that can be hard to find. Almonds are a heavily sprayed crop so if you're eating a brand of almond butter that's not organic or insecticide free, you're getting a good dose of pesticides with it.

Janessa makes her delicious products at Wandering Cooks right here in Brisbane with 100% natural ingredients. No additional fillers, grains, preservatives or any of the other crap you'll find in supermarket products.

We've got 20 Chocolate Granolas and 10 Almond Butters available this week so be quick if you want some!


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