Product of the week: Gutsy Sauerkraut

Product of the week: Gutsy Sauerkraut

Are you including fermented foods in your diet? They'e made a big come back in recent years as more and more people are recognising the need to get good bacteria into our bodies.

Sauerkraut is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to get some good bugs in, as it goes with just about everything (in my opinion). Have it with eggs for breakfast, with meat and veg for dinner, or on your salad for lunch.

We love Gutsy's sauerkraut because it's made with love right here in Brisbane by a beautiful family who do what they do because they want people to be healthy. They don't cut corners, they use only the finest quality organic ingredients and they ferment it slowly in oak barrels (no plastic - which would penetrate into the food).

It also tastes amazing! The Smoked Garlic is our best seller and we also love the Kimchi which isn't too spicey at all - even our kids will eat it. The Carrot, Tumeric and Ginger one is a great option for those who can't eat cabbage.


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