Product of the Week: Fizzy Mango Shrub

Product of the Week: Fizzy Mango Shrub

Did you, or do you drink cordial? It was a staple in my family growing up but I stopped drinking it when I realised how much sugar, and how little nutrition was actually in it.

But the concept of cordial is great - it can enhance the flavour of water and be a great way to get more hydration into your kids. But only if it's actually nutritious!

Gutsy's brand new Fizzy Mango Shrub is exactly that. Lovingly fermented over 6 months, it not only contains the goodness of organic mango juice, but is also packed with gut loving probiotics! It's made with raw sugar which gets eaten by the good bugs during fermentation, so you can rest assured it's not a high sugar drink.

We made up a big jug of this at our daughter's birthday party recently, it was a huge hit with all the kids. It's so delicious!

Other ways you could use it include drizzled on pancakes or whisked into a salad dressing.

The ONLY places to get this delicious drink are through us or at Gutsy's stall at the West End Markets. It'll only be available for a limited time so be quick if you'd like some! Only $7 per 350ml bottle.

Update 6 August 2018: Sorry, this product is all gone! Fingers crossed they'll make some more next Summer.

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