Thank you Jorden!

Thank you Jorden!
It is with a heavy heart this week that I said farewell (in the business sense only) to my trusty sidekick of the past 2 years, Jorden Tubman. Jorden is one of those amazing people who willingly volunteers her time to any cause she deems worthy. Lucky for me, she loved my first business, Inspired Living Events, so much so that she volunteered to help me for something like 6 months before I could even pay her!
Since that time, she's loyally come along on this crazy ride of mine, helping with all kinds of random tasks from running events, helping to clean out my wardrobe, babysitting my kids, picking up supplies, running errands, coming along to expos, workshops and everything in between.
Even though she prefers things quite structured and likes to know what's happening, she hardly ever flinched at the way I constantly change things, right through to a complete change of business - one minute we were running events, the next we were selling fruit and veg!
Jorden knows my family intimately, she's been in Ivy's life every week since she was born, has picked Kaleesi up from daycare, been there for birthdays, pregnancy tests, meltdowns, tantrums (from the kids, ok and maybe me too) and so much more.
I am sad Jorden has decided to leave the Farmacy, but excited to see what path she takes next. She has more passion in her little finger than so many have in their whole body, so I know she'll do some amazing things in the world.
From the bottom of my heart thank you Jorden for putting up with me for so long and for helping me to build Inspired Living and now the Farmacy. Neither business would have been as successful without you.
I know you're going to do some pretty awesome things - I'm always here to help you if you need. (Plus we will still hang out and go to all kinds of crazy events together like all the time, including this weekend!) xx
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