Where Your Food Comes From: Indie Bakehouse

Where Your Food Comes From: Indie Bakehouse

The Heart & Soul Behind Indie Bakehouse

Have you ever had that moment when you bite into a fresh slice of bread so delicious and satisfying, that all you want to do is butter it up and eat the whole loaf in one go? Well, that’s just the feeling you’ll get when you eat some of Tanya’s bread from Indie Bakehouse.

Tanya Krikke is the passionate baker behind Indie Bakehouse, where every loaf is crafted with love and a commitment to quality. Read on as we delve into her journey from mathematician to baker, where love, cultural heritage, and creativity collide.

But first, let us tell you about how Kristen, our Spray-Free boss lady, is able to eat this amazing bread despite her body’s aversion to gluten. On her health journey, gluten was one of the first things she removed, which had great results for her health. But then, she discovered Indie Bakehouse and found that she was able to eat Tanya’s sourdough without any issues. It's all thanks to Tanya's dedication to creating organic sourdough that is not only delicious, but is made with love and only good ingredients. 

Tanya didn't set out to become a baker from the get-go. In fact, she started out with a degree in maths and even spent time working in real estate in England. But as fate would have it, her true calling was food. 

“A grew up as a very greedy child and person… I just love to eat good food, and with a half-Chinese, half-Dutch upbringing, food as medicine was just the standard.”

Indie Bakehouse blossomed out of COVID because Tanya was making other baked goods through Wandering Cooks when she decided to pivot towards baking bread. Her and her team of women were struggling to make ends meet when Randal and Juanita from Echo Valley Farm said, “Why don't you come and make some bread and see if anyone wants to buy from the Echo Valley community?” 

What started as a way to adapt to the changing circumstances soon transformed into Indie Bakehouse, a beloved source of artisanal bread. As the business grew, Tanya searched for a larger customer base, and that’s when Juanita suggested Spray-Free Farmacy. 

“Kristen invited us to offer some bread to the Spray-Free community, I didn't even think that with the name Spray-Free Farmacy, it would be about food as medicine. I just thought, yeah, they must like nice bread. I like nice bread. That works.”

Tanya soon discovered that Indie Bakehouse and Spray-Free’s mission to feed the community with food as medicine was aligned. 

Committed to sourcing the best ingredients for their dough, Indie Bakehouse uses Sovereign Foods’ organic and spray-free flour. As she delved deeper into the world of baking, Tanya’s creativity flourished. Inspired by her diverse heritage, she began infusing her loaves with flavours that reflect her upbringing, like their Chinese New Year bread with black bean, chilli, and spring onion. And that's the beauty of Indie Bakehouse – it's more than just bread. It's a reflection of Tanya's passion, creativity, and love for good food. Each and every loaf is made with the process of love, transformation and time. 

So, the next time you tear into a warm, crusty slice of Indie Bakehouse sourdough, take a moment to savour not just the flavour, but the journey behind it. Because when you know the hands and heart behind your food, it becomes more than just a meal – it becomes a connection, a celebration of craftsmanship and community.

Check out our amazing range of Indie Bakehouse baked goods here.

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