Enchanted Earth


Spray-Free Farmacy is a proud project of Enchanted Earth.

Enchanted Earth is a not-for-profit Association that strives to:

  • connect people with the best quality local food - inspiring them to support local, spray-free and organic farmers
  • spread kindness in our communities through food donations - we give away multiple boxes to local families who are nominated by our customers every week
  • reduce waste - we carefully examine everything we do and are always working to find new ways to reduce our environmental footprint and encourage others to do the same
  • regenerate our soils - we support farmers who are ensuring our future generations will still have the ability to grow food 
  • inspire magical living - connected to our beautiful earth and all she has to offer - through blogs, social media and events.

All proceeds from Spray-Free Farmacy go to Enchanted Earth.

Visit the Enchanted Earth website here.