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Sauerkraut - Beet & Citrus (450gm)

Sauerkraut - Beet & Citrus (450gm)

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Ingredients: Cabbage, Beetroot, Navel Orange, Ginger, Thyme, Australia Sea Salt.

Tasting Notes: This magenta coloured ferment has the deep earthy notes of beets, lifted by the zesty notes from citrus & ginger finishing up with herbalicious tones from thyme.

Are you getting enough good bacteria into your gut? Sauerkraut is a fabulous source of beneficial bacteria. But not all sauerkraut is created equal. Some of it is imported, made from chemically-grown produce and if it's been heated, is most likely dead (no good bacteria).

Gutsy sauerkraut on the other hand, is ALIVE, organic, locally made and delicious! 

Handmade by a small family business in Brisbane with local, organic ingredients.


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