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Cacao Powder - Raw (500gm)

Cacao Powder - Raw (500gm)

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Ceremonial Cacao Grade, Certified Organic

When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.


Let’s face it, anything really special in life has to have a stash of chocolate accompanying it, and when we introduce Ceremonial Cacao to the mix, it is quite literally the zenith of celestial celebrations with its blissful heart-opening qualities and nutrient-dense health benefits, including flavonoids, antioxidants and minerals. The name of the chocolate plant itself, Theobroma (theos) means ‘god’ and (broma) means ‘food’ literally translating to ‘food of the Gods’. We pay deep respect to the ancient wisdoms of cacao with our pure certified organic ceremonial grade Criollo bean (heirloom) Cacao Powder which has been grown, harvested, fermented and slowly sun dried with great care by small farms in Peru. Temptress Raw Cacao Powder has a delicious, rich chocolatey flavour, making it a versatile superfood pantry essential.

Superfood. Suitable for Vegans. No fillers. Gluten Free. No additives.

Cacao from Peru. Make and packed in Brisbane, Australia.

Serving suggestions

Add to your favourite food or beverage including coffee, chai, smoothies, chocolate balls, baked foods, sauces, cakes, raw chocolate, ganache, mousse. We use this raw ceremonial cacao powder in our WOKE and Velvet Underground superfood Lattes.


100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao Powder (Theobroma cacao, criollo) and 100% love.

Cacao from the Ashaninka tribe in Peru. Packaged in Brisbane, Australia.


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