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Sparkling Antioxidant Infusion - Tangerine (330ml)

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Tangerine, you had me at hello. Juicy like orange but a lot more (naturally) sweet, the flavour will make your mouth water, while the antioxidants will make your insides sing.

Kreol use real ingredients, with real health benefits, and have a really great taste.

Tangerine from Wide Bay Region, Queensland. Gluten Free. 100% Natural. Vegan.

INGREDIENTS: Filtered carbonated water, natural flavours, tangerine Juice, natural birch xylitol, organic grape seed extract, organic Barbados cherry, organic apple cider vinegar.
ANTIOXIDANTS: 30mg vitamin C & 120mg polyphenols from Organic Grape Seed Extract and Organic Barbados cherry.


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