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Vanilla Bean Paste (100ml)

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Organic Vanilla Paste

‘We discovered vanilla and fell under its spell’.

Vanilla, the benevolent bean, continues to comfort millions across the globe with its decadently smooth and velvety flavour that exudes warmth and sensuality.

Our Vanilla Paste is made from premium vanilla bean seeds, slowly infused for no less than twelve moon cycles, gently drawing out the delicate aromatics to produce a bold paste, smooth and velvety, with long-lasting vanilla tones. Temptress Paste is full of distinctivedark vanilla seeds in a conveniently spoonable paste. 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste provides the flavour and seed equivalent of 1 whole vanilla bean.

What makes the best vanilla extract? The best vanilla. Harvested and cured by vanilla bean farmers using traditional techniques. Known as the Gold Standard of Vanilla our Premium grade beans have an exceptional flavour profile and a naturally high vanillin content. No pesticides, no machines, just a 12-month labour of love, from farm to your kitchen. Our Vanilla beans are either grown and sourced directly from farmers at the top end of Australia (our Vanilla bean industry is still in infancy) or ethically sourced directly from farmers in our neighbouring regions. We currently support five micro-farms, with plans to increase that in the coming years.

Vanilla Paste is great for baking, desserts, smoothies, cacao brews, coffee, cocktails, sauces, and skin care products and not only offers a bold comforting flavour and aroma, but is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Our Vanilla Extract is brewed in our local Temptress Apothecary, Brisbane.

Ingredients: Premium Grade A Vanilla Bean Pods and Seeds*, Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerine*.

*Certified Organic


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