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Woke Energy Brew SAMPLE

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Artisan Coffee without the Coffee!

Australian Certified Organic

SAMPLE SIZE: Approximately 10 serves.

We are so excited to introduce this brand new product from our dear friend Dr Sarah Lantz. Her newest venture (following on from the success of Buchi Kombucha) is Temptress Brew Co and this delicious brew is her first product under this banner. It's utterly delicious and makes you feel amazing!

About the Brew

With ritual, reverence and sustained energy in mind, Temptress Brew Co has combined three almighty ingredients that the South Americans call the ‘food of the gods’ - Yerbe mate, Guarana and Raw Cacao - all used in ceremony and revered for their calm, yet potent, endurance boosting properties and metabolism-boosting nutrients. These power-house plants are tempered with the benevolent apoptogenic healing properties of Maca, Siberian Ginseng and Reishi Mushroom, to promote protection, body resiliency, and reduce everyday life stressors.  Combined, Temptress 'Woke' Energy Brew yields a potent, powerful and delicious tonic intended to stimulate your amorous desires, excite your senses, and imbue clarity as you move through your day. 

Temptress Brew Co. is inspired by traditional food wisdom and the ‘doctrine of signatures’, using adaptogen and nootropic plants - roots, fruits, seeds and leaves. The ingredients used in this brew are grown at high altitudes and thereby attuned to this remedy’s main objective – to elevate clarity, focus and endurance - without the over-stimulus and the mid-day slump of coffee - artisan coffee without the coffee.


Certified Organic Cacao, Certified Organic Yerbe Mate, Certified Organic Maca, Certified Organic Siberian Ginseng, Certified Organic Guara (wild harvested, non-organic), Certified Organic Reishi Mushroom and 100% love. 

Serving Suggestions:

You can prepare Temptress 'Woke' Energy Brew in a variety of ways - using the traditional a coffee pot, French press, on the stove, and enjoyed either warm and steamy or chilled. 

Café Style latte

Add one teaspoon of Temptress 'Woke' Energy Brew to a cup, add 1/4 cup of hot (not boiling) water and stir. Fill remainder of cup with warm or frothed milk and a sweetener of your choice with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cacao on top. 

On the Stove (Bulletproof Brew)

Heat a cup of your choice of milk (or a combination of milk and water) in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir in one teaspoon of Temptress 'Woke' Energy Brew and a touch of your sweetener of choice. If you are wanting to fortify and nourish your body with some good fats, add in a touch of gelatin, collagen, ghee, butter, cacao butter, or coconut oil, and stir until melted. Turn off the heat and pour your luscious brew into a blender and blend until soft and frothy (or hand whisk).  Pour into a large mug and serve warm and steamy. Smell the aroma – this in itself will expand your clarity and open your heart.  

Iced Latte: In a blender, add one teaspoon of Temptress 'Woke' Energy Brew with one cup of milk and a sweetener of your choice. Pour over ice.



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