Tony Lindsay

Tony Lindsay

Meet Tony, a fourth-gen farmer growing a variety of chemical-free goodness for the community. Every week, we eagerly receive around 350kg of Tony's bananas, and our customers can't stop talking about their real taste and aroma—nothing like supermarket bananas! Keep reading to see what Tony has to say about his farming journey and why he loves what he does…

How did you get into farming?

I come from a long line of farmers, spanning four generations. I learnt how to farm from my father and grandfather. 

How do you build the quality of your soil? What methods do you use?

I create rich compost to add to the soil and grow cover crops, particularly under banana trees. I also make my own liquid fertiliser to enhance the quality of the soil and give the crops the nutrients they need. 

How do you manage pests and weeds? 

We actually don’t have many pests around here. Before becoming chemical-free, I used to spray a lot and then found other ways of learning to live in harmony with nature rather than against it. As for weeds, I run our cows through the grass under the banana trees and they clean it up. Weeds also aren’t so bad, they aerate the soil and give ground cover to keep it nice and cool—crops don’t like to grow in hot soil. 

What do you enjoy about your work?

What I love most is growing with nature. Witnessing the harmony between the crops and the environment is so rewarding. 

Why did you decide to farm without chemical sprays? How important is this to you?

Farming without chemical sprays is a must for me. It started because I realised that traditional chemical farming methods were not working. Back in the day, I was a conventional farmer, but I wanted to shift to healthier soil and crops. My family were struggling with some health issues and we started to find that foods with chemical sprays were the main contributor to this, so we made the shift to chemical-free farming.

What challenges has this created for you and how do you overcome them naturally?

Moving away from chemical products requires a lot of research. I would say that is the biggest challenge. 

What’s your favourite meal?

A classic lamb roast has got to be my go-to favourite. 

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