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​Meet Matt and Riley, the lovely faces behind Woodford Microgreens! 🌱

Can you tell us a bit about your farm and your background?

Our rural farm is nestled between Woodford and Kilcoy in South East Queensland. We grow fully indoors to produce consistent quality year round. This is a new type of farming and we’re constantly inching towards a fully sustainable, high density, highly nutritious method of growing.

We’re pretty chuffed with our slice of heaven. Having both come from country upbringings we share a passion for using this great land both efficiently and sustainably, always looking to improve and reduce our impact.

How did our microgreens journey begin?

We both grew up with a farming lifestyle, and have wanted to try new farming techniques for growing highly nutritious fruit & vegetables. Hopefully we can pave the way for the next generation of growers. 

What do you enjoy about your work?

The lifestyle is great, and it’s fun being able to share the hidden nutritional benefits of microgreens with our community and like any farmer you can’t beat the feeling enjoying the fruits of your labour everyday. 

Why the decision to farm without chemical sprays?

With the abundance of chemically rich produce and processed foods, we feel the need to produce something organic as possible to retain the highest possible nutrient content and flavour.  

Do you face any challenges?

Surprisingly, there are no challenges unless the power goes out and we lose our greens. 

And the all-important question—what's our favourite meal?

Matt - a good steak, hearty salad & a side of our sunflower microgreens!  

Riley - Fresh fish tacos with our broccoli & coriander microgreens!  

You can order Woodford Microgreens directly from our website. 

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