Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #15

Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #15

Happy Easter Monday! 

Phew! That was a big week of coordinating a massive number of requests for special delivery days as people went on their Easter travels. We delivered many orders on Wednesday and even some on Sunday so no-one would miss out on their good food!

If you're away this week and not getting back till after your usual delivery day - please ask us about making yours later. We're very flexible!


This week, we are expanding our delivery zone and adding a new pick up point at CANUNGRA on Thursdays. We will be delivering to all areas between Rocklea and Canungra including Mudoolan, Jimboomba and the base of Tamborine. If you know people in these areas, please let them know about us!

We have been approached by several people in that region following the recent closure of Wholefood Harvest, who was previously delivering organic food there. With Food Connect closing in December, that's two local, organic food businesses that have shut their doors in just a few months 😥.

Times are tough for many but this really highlights the need to support small businesses. A fair, resilient and ethical food system requires many players - farmers markets, co-ops, organisations like ours and backyard exchanges. If you care about the maintaining access to quality, spray-free/organic foods, please prioritise supporting these above the big supermarkets!


New this week we have Rainbow Silverbeet and Purple Kale from Sandy Creek.

Nanita has been busy adding more Single Items to the Fruit & Veg section of website for those who only want a small amount or a specific number for their meal planning.

We pride ourselves on being super responsive to our customer's needs so if there are other items or quantities you're after (ie. more bulk or single items), please be sure to ask!


In our ever expanding Grocery section we've added Every Organics' Australian Bee Pollen (made right here in Brisbane) and Peace, Love & Vegetables' Green Sauerkraut (from the Northern Rivers).

We've just managed to get our hands on a huge deep freezer so we're in the process of filling it with something many customers have been asking for - Organic Meat! We hope to have this available for you very soon.

Wishing you amazing health and happiness,
Kristen, Trevor + the team at SFF x

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