Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #26

Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #26

Happy Monday! 

We certainly have been feeling the pain lately with everything from tech challenges, to Maiko's first week away. We're grateful to have some amazing friends filling in for Maiko as part of our packing team and have also welcomed a delightful new team member Romi Nam.

As they're all finding their feet there were a few mistakes with orders last week but we're working together to get them trained up and across ALL the many steps that need to be taken in order to get 500 orders delivered perfectly every week.

Apologies to those who usually order over the weekend with our website being down. Rainbows are abound as we are so relieved our shop is now back up and running, ready to take your orders again. So grateful for your understanding and for all your support.

Sadly, we do have our amazing administration rockstar Nanita Smith finishing up with us this Wednesday. We're so sad to see her go but understand the amazing and unexpected opportunity she has been given and wish her all the best with her next chapter. 


 Round and Roma Tomatoes are back and on special at just $10 for a kilo.  

There's a limited supply of Pomelo's which we have never had on offer before. Only 20 x 500gm lots of these available. If you have never had a pomelo, it is the largest of the citrus family and more like a sweeter version of a grapefruit. Hope you'll also be giving these a try.


Eggs have been in short supply everywhere lately, I'm told even the supermarkets can't keep up with demand. Of course winter is also a time when chickens lay less - they don't like the cold! Echo Valley has guaranteed us a regular supply every week and they've been keeping up with this even now, however demand has increased beyond our standing order and they cannot supply anymore. We've contacted just about every regenerative, pastured, free-range egg producer we could find and managed to get an extra 30 dozen JUMBO eggs from Grazing Girls at Gleneagle (near Beaudesert) this week. 

Grazing Girls are a small family run farm with a flock of 4000 hens. They have a stocking density of less than 800 hens per hectare and relocate them to fresh pasture every few days. They're passionate about sustainable agriculture and the health of their hens.

Unfortunately our system doesn't allow you to choose which eggs you'll receive, but either way you'll be getting fresh, pastured eggs from a local family farm!

We have also now added Fair Game Wild Venison sausages to our shop.  Wild venison has almost no saturated fat, is high in protein, B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B-12 which aid brain and nervous system function, help turn food into energy and keep your skin and hair healthy. It is high in zinc (for your immune system), iron (for forming red blood cells) and phosphorus (for kidney function and creating strong bones).

Jonas behind Fair Game has a passion for sustainability and reducing food waste. By eating wild venison you’re protecting our vulnerable and unique natural assets. As deer have a massive impact on the bush, and removing this introduced species from the natural environment leaves room for our native species to thrive.

Infinite love & gratitude,
Kristen & Trevor and all the team at the Spray-Free Farmacy 

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