Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #28

Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #28

Happy Monday, Spray-Free Fam!

Don’t you just love this time of year?  Cool mornings developing into crisp, beautiful days.  It’s my favourite time of year.

At Spray-Free Farmacy, we're excited to bring you the latest updates and offerings to make your week even more delightful. Stay tuned to our socials for an upcoming podcast episode on Thrive by Additive Free Lifestyle featuring yours truly. Get ready for a comprehensive write-up covering valuable content. During our recent getaway to the stunning Northern Rivers and Byron Bay, we had the pleasure of catching up with the team at Woodland Valley Farm, located at their Murwillumbah Pasta'bah shop. It was a delightful experience that we can't wait to share with you.

You may have noticed over the last few weeks that some of our items may not have been included in deliveries.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure supply of some of our grocery items.  We’re really proud of our zero-waste model, and we know that resonates with so many of you too!  The reality of zero-waste models means that it’s often difficult to guarantee that the supply needed will be available at the exact time that it’s needed.  We’re also really proud of our commitment to excellent customer service and we will never simply substitute an unavailable item for something else without asking your preference first. So, if you receive a note from us that something wasn’t available, please know we’ve done our very best, and we very much appreciate your patience and support 



It’s all about the citrus this week!  Indulge in the irresistible Avante Mandarins in your deliveries this week, offering a delightful sweetness and juiciness reminiscent of imperial mandarins. Or delve into the lusciousness of Juicy Valencia oranges (or Navels), perfect for refreshing your taste buds! For a more adventurous flavour, don't miss out on the tangy and vibrant Blood Oranges.  All this beautiful citrus is locally grown right here in Queensland courtesy of the Richards Family Farm in Gayndah. 

Unfortunately, frosty conditions have led to the unavailability of snow peas this week. But don’t fret, Sugar Snap Peas with their crispy texture and sweet flavour make a great substitution!

We’ve also seen the last of our local, Queensland garlic.  Planted earlier this year in March, our local garlic won’t be harvested again until September. Better watch out for those vampires until then 



New in this week is we have The Original Byron Bay Bone Broth – Beef!  Whether or not you believe the hype, broth has always been regarded as supporting health and well-being, especially during the winter months when colds and flus abound. 100% organic certified and made locally in Bryon Bay (supplied by farmers in the Northern Rivers) you’ll absolutely love this OG Bone Broth. Sip it as a comforting beverage or use it as a base for hearty soups and stews.

Speaking of soups and stews, Tanya from The Indie Bakehouse has the perfect match with her Golden Bread. Not only is this bread insanely delicious, but it’s even more delicious when used to mop up the last dribbles of broth and stew from your bowl!  Plus, it has all the health benefits that turmeric brings to boot.

Enjoy the full range of Indie Bakehouse specials this month including:

Organic Sourdoughs

  •  Cheesy Seedy Roy - Only makes an appearance twice a year!  He’s our cheesy seedy loaf easy-going all-round favourite! Great for parties.
  • Golden bread - so much golden turmeric goodness and delicious with all the things!

Giant Cookies

  •  OG Choc Chip (featuring Vahlrona Chocolate)
  •  Campfire Brownies – Think S’mores! Toasted marshmallow with dark chocolate brownie cookie (also GF)
  • Espresso choc chip shortbreads (studded with chocolate rubble)
  •  PB Miso Jam Drops (with Davidson plum jam, and it’s GF)
Other Treats
  • Bag of small espresso choc chip shortbreads (perfect for work morning tea!)
  • Spiced pumpkin cake with whipped chocolate ganache   


Stay warm and enjoy the abundance of fresh, spray-free goodness delivered straight to your door.

Winter Warm Regards,
Kristen, Trevor, and the entire Spray-Free Farmacy Team

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