Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #52

Farmacy Weekly Report 2023 Week #52

Merry Christmas Eve! From our family to yours we send you love and best wishes for a Christmas filled with joy, laughter and the very best food!

We are sending our weekly newsletter a day early this week in order to take a day off with our families tomorrow (as I'm sure most of you will be doing to).

We will be delivering as usual this week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. REMEMBER to get your order in by 9am Wednesday if you will be needing to restock your fridge (I know it's probably full right now, but I bet loads will be eaten tomorrow and Boxing Day!).  

This is traditionally our quietest week of the year but we stay open because we've found it's simply too expensive not to (with all the overheads that don't go away). Plus... the food keeps growing, we don't want any of it wasted, and people have still got to eat! So if you need fresh food this week, whether you're a regular customer or you've been watching us for awhile and have been meaning to order - now is a great time to do it!



Farmer Mario from Stanthorpe has delicious fresh Blood Plums and Nectarines ready for us and we've also been able to nab some big, juicy organic Seedless Watermelons for you from down south.

We've still got certified organic Cherries for you and all the regular goodies.



Most of our suppliers are still working throughout the festive season so we have a big range for you to choose from as always with the exception of Indie Bakehouse. Tanya really needs a break after doing her biggest week EVER with us last week - she baked 155 items for our customers! Enjoy your break Tanya. ❤️


Infinite love & gratitude, from all the team at Spray-Free Farmacy!

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