How going chemical-free helped this little boy

How going chemical-free helped this little boy

We were so pleased to receive this wonderful feedback from one of our loyal customers this week. Thank you Katie for sharing your story. I'm so glad your little man is doing better. You are one courageous mumma

Have you got a similar story about going chemical-free? We'd love to hear it.

"My 3 year old son has suffered from severe skin issues and allergies for over a year now. We tried all the creams, lotions and potions, cut out various foods, tried many different diets and decided that going vegan was our last hope. I also knew we needed to find the very best quality of fruit and vegetables. Produce that was fresh, produce that hadn’t been sprayed with poison, produce that tasted AMAZING.

I was so over buying fruit and vegetables from the supermarket. It was either, not ripe enough to eat, rotten inside or it didn’t taste nice.

My sister suggested I test out Spray Free Farmacy. I checked it out online and saw that I could get my fruit and veggies spray free, without a hefty price tag, easily order online, CHOOSE exactly what I wanted AND I could get it all pre packed! All I had to do was go and pick it up. SO EASY!!

For the last 4 months we have bought fruit and vegetables from the Spray Free Farmacy. Within a week of switching, we saw AMAZING results with my sons skin. We’ve gone from not being able to let him out of sight for the fear he would scratch himself to the point he would draw blood, to being able to let him play alone in his room. He had never been able to go swimming in the ocean and watching him go into the water and see him so happy, puts a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. His allergies are almost non-existent. My little man is on the mend.

I am so thankful that Spray Free Farmacy was suggested to me and I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts." - Katie Taylor


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