How to have a Healthier Easter

How to have a Healthier Easter

Easter is just around the corner! It's a special time to spend with your family and friends but it doesn't have to be an indulgence you'll regret.

Easter is all about chocolate right? Well not exactly, but it's a big part of it and no wonder, as it's so delicious! But not all chocolate is created equal - some is full of refined sugar, chemical additives and other crap. It may also be produced using slave labour - please don't support that.

Never fear, there are lots of great alternatives that you and your kids will still love. It's also a good idea to make Easter about more than just food. 

Here are 3 simple tips for a healthier Easter...

  1. Choose healthy chocolate
    Either make your own (here are some great recipes from Natural New Age Mum) or buy a healthier version.

    Some we like are Organic Times (they have bunnies and large and medium eggs) and The Carob Kitchen (large eggs and we have some small foil wrapped healthy easter eggs here). Check out organic supermarkets and Biome stores for other options.

  2. Have an Easter 'chick' Hunt
    I used to think we needed loads of little foil wrapped eggs for Easter Egg Hunts - but there are so many other things you can use and it's still fun! We love the little cotton ball chicks you can pick up from craft stores, or you could even use coloured rocks.

    Grapes wrapped in coloured foil look just like chocolate eggs!

    Just hide them all over your yard for the children to find and if you like, have them bring their findings to you to exchange for a selected number of healthy chocolates (or another type of healthy treat). That way no one person gets 20 chocolates while the others get 5 and you can control how many they get.

  3. Make Easter about more than just chocolate
    Who said the Easter Bunny only gives chocolate? Couldn't she give Easter craft activities, books, games, clothing or any other number of lovely gifts? You don't need to go overboard here, keep it simple but show your little ones that there's more to life than chocolate!

    If you need gifts for friends how about a lovely fresh fruit basket? Some local honey, beeswax candles or pretty beeswax wraps for their kitchen? We have all those things in our store as well as Organic Hot Crossed Buns.

Happy (Healthy) Easter!

Kristen x


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