How To Use Black Garlic (and smoked garlic!)

How To Use Black Garlic (and smoked garlic!)

Have you ever wondered what black garlic is and how to use it?

In this week's blog post we're going to talk a bit about Black Garlic, and also some easy ways you can eat it!

What is Black Garlic?

It is garlic that has been smoked in a food smoker for a few weeks.

Through the process of smoking, it becomes almost 'caramelised', and the garlic cloves turn black.

The taste is very different to normal garlic. Due to the caramelisation it becomes sweeter, and reminds me almost of tamarind or a syrupy garlic.

The taste is unusual at first because when you eat garlic, you have a certain expectation for it to taste a certain way... but if you taste it as a totally different food, you'll most likely become hooked like me.

How is our Black Garlic made?

Our black garlic is made by a local farmer called Dave who has a operation in his backyard in Woodford, QLD. It has been smoked for 3 weeks.

What's the difference between Smoked Garlic and Black Garlic?

Our smoked garlic is smoked for 3 days, whereas our black garlic takes 3 weeks to smoke.

What are the health benefits of Black Garlic?

There are two main differences with black garlic and normal garlic.

Black garlic has less allicin, which is the compound that gives regular garlic those health benefits we are all familiar with. However it does have compounds that allow the body to absorb allicin better. 

Not sure what nature was thinking there, as that makes no logical sense to me, but sounds like if you combine garlic and black garlic then you're on an ultimate winner.

It does however have more antioxidants which is always a good thing.

Is black garlic still good for fighting off vampires??

We are not game enough to try this, so you are welcome to as long as you assume any responsibilities for any outcome that happens if it doesn't work.

How to Eat and Use Black Garlic:

We will be adding more resources and recipes to this blog page as time goes on, however here are a few simple ways you can use garlic:

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