The Best Gut-Healing Vegetable Broth Recipes (Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly)

The Best Gut-Healing Vegetable Broth Recipes (Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly)

We had a lot of great response to our healing chicken soups & broths recipes blog post - however a good portion of our readers are also plant based or vegetarian.

Of course we didn't want to leave out our plant & animal loving friends, so we have compiled a list of some of the best healing veggie broth recipes out there.

All of these recipes are vegan, gluten free, bean free, grain free, nourishing and delicious.

You can use them as a healing drink, tea or even a stock for other recipes.

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#1: The Refined Hippie's Gut Healing Vegetable Broth (with L-Glutamine)

the refined hippie gut healing broth
On top of the delicious veggie combo, this recipe include a special ingredient/supplement called L-Glutamine which has been known to support gut healing and health.


#2: Shayna's Kitchen's Secret Ingredient Vegetable Broth

Shayna does a great range of recipes and this gut healing broth of hers is no exception. She calls it her 'secret ingredient to all my soups', and who knows-perhaps it will become your secret ingredient too?


#3: Wallflower Kitchen's 'Better-Than-Bone-Broth' Vegetable Broth

This recipe is abundantly full of rich ingredients. While we don't share the same opinion about bone broth (we are fans, she is not and understandably), we can both agree on the fact that this recipe is awesome!


#4: Medical Medium's Healing Broth

Anthony has a very unique and in-depth understanding of food, and I often use his other recipes too. This healing broth is full of simple but powerful ingredients that can support the body's own healing abilities.


#5: Elissa Goodman's Healing Veggie Mineral Broth

Elissa shares a recipe that has some plant sources of collagen, and does a good writeup on collagen too!


#6: Gourmande In The Kitchen's Detox Vegetable Broth

Due to the nutrients in it, shiitake mushroom is a pretty popular ingredient in most veggie broths.

This detox vegetable broth includes shiitake, plus also common ingredients used in detox plans such as ginger, turmeric, celery, parsley and more... plus it has a nice option to turn it into a creamy soup with the addition of pumpkin (or you can strain it if you like).


#7: Moon and Spoon and Yum's Medicinal Mushroom Herbal Broth

While we don't stock most of the products in this herbal medicinal mushroom soup (except for things like ginger, turmeric, peppercorns and lemon) it's still nutrient-dense and high vibe so we wanted to share it!

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for millennia for their medicinal purposes, so you know you're getting a good dose of ancient wisdom in this one too.


#8: Minimalist Baker's Gut Calming Broth

We've followed the Minimalist Baker on and off for years, and they do a great job with their recipes. This is a good veggie broth that may help you to 'calm the farm' if your gut is feeling a little bit aggro.

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