Product of the Week: Echo Valley Farm Eggs

Product of the Week: Echo Valley Farm Eggs
Did you know that Echo Valley Farm's Pastured Eggs are our biggest selling product? It's no surprise because they really are the most nutritious and delicious eggs!

It also feels great to know we're supporting a wonderful local farming family. Juanita and Randall are passionate young farmers determined to do things ethically and sustainably. They are focused on regenerating their land and producing top quality produce that is not only far nutritionally superior for us, it's also better for the animals.

Did you know Australian free-range standards now allow 10,000 birds per hectare, and they don't even have to be allowed outside? With these kind of numbers the birds run out of grass and grubs to eat within a day and are left standing in their own poo all day. It also inhibits their ability to behave as chickens should (as they're just too crowded) and increases the risk of disease - leading to an increased need for antibiotics.

Juanita and Randall are doing things differently. Their birds are truly free-range with only 500 birds to a hectare. Not only that, they are regularly rotated on the land (following Joel Salatin's sustainable farming model) to ensure they always have fresh grass and grubs to eat. They're free to roam outdoors all day, every day.

Juanita and Randall supplement their birds with certified organic grain and ensure there are no antibiotics, hormones or chemicals used at any stage - this includes on the grass they eat. They also avoid washing their eggs to keep the bloom and the nutrients intact (other farmers wash their eggs with a chemical solution - eggs are porous!). 

All this produces an egg with far more nutritional value for you and a positive impact on our planet.

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