Product of the week: Feelin' Seedy RAW Crackers

Product of the week: Feelin' Seedy RAW Crackers
If you're a super-organised foodie you probably have your own dehydrator with raw seed crackers and seed breads cooking away 24/7. But if you're like me and find it challenging to keep up a good supply of these nutrient-dense foods (and gave away your dehydrator), I have found a fantastic solution for you!

The lovely Beanie and Nicola from SoulFit at Salisbury have launched their own line of delicious, Crispy RAW Seed Crackers! Packed full of nutritious, organic/pesticide-free seeds including Pepitas, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame, Flax/Linseed and Chia, these delicious crackers are perfect for dips and spreads.

This is a local, handmade product that you won't find anywhere else.

Only $9 per 175gm bag. We've got 30 bags for you to try this week.
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