The Soul Stories Podcast with Kristen and Trev

The Soul Stories Podcast with Kristen and Trev

In a recent episode of The Soul Stories podcast, Michelle Anne sat down with Spray-Free Farmacy’s founders, Kristen and Trev. 

Michelle Anne met Kristen and Trev about 7 years ago in the early days of their business. Kristen was supporting young mums that needed a space to work and Michelle got to know these two very well during that time.
This episode delves into their journey since, the evolution of their business, and the personal transformations they've experienced along the way.


Kristen's Awakening: From No Impact Man to Organic Entrepreneurship

Kristen, ironically, first worked at McDonalds, which taught her how to work efficiently and in seamless systems. With a degree in business and a background in community consultation and marketing, Kristen's early experiences prepared her for her future business ventures. She says, “It’s funny how life gives you what you need.”

Kristen's wellness journey began later in life when she turned 30 and read No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. This eye-opening experience propelled her into a world of environmental consciousness, leading her to prioritise organic produce that was supportive for your body, unlike the chemical-ridden produce at mainstream supermarkets. The birth of her two children further fueled her commitment, eventually sparking the idea of a food business that prioritises health and sustainability.


Building a Business

The initial concept of a food business centred around spray-free products came to Kristen while she was breastfeeding in the middle of the night. She approached her husband Trev with the idea, who was a delivery driver for a wine company at the time, and they embarked on a mission to provide high-quality, spray-free produce to the community. 

They were running a smoothie business and selling them at the markets when they met Kelly Strow, the owner of Sandy Creek Gourmet Produce, and she soon became their business partner, creating a streamlined, efficient process to provide the community with the freshest produce all in one place. 

Starting with just 5 boxes in the boot of their car for friends, the business quickly scaled, especially during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching up to 800 boxes per week.

Nurturing Local Connections and Supporting Small Farmers

Spray-Free Farmacy champions knowing where your food comes from, supporting local communities, and accessing seasonal produce. Kristen highlights the challenges and costs associated with becoming Certified Organic, which most people opting for organic are unaware of. 

“Organic certification gives you peace of mind, but it costs thousands of dollars to get certified organic and it takes years, which is just not feasible for small farmers, and we want to be able to support them.”

Kristen's insights shed light on the broader picture, teaching us that Certified Organic doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best quality. She encourages us to not only prioritise our well-being but also cultivate a sustainable and supportive relationship with the local farming community.


Trevor's Journey

Trev shares his transition from a career in hospitality to delivery driving and growing their organic food business. His family struggled with money when he was growing up and he was taught that to survive you need to work hard 9 to 5.

Despite initial reservations, he found a true sense of work-life balance, community and purpose in delivering fresh, healthy produce. The experience allowed him not only to connect with people but the work-life balance has also allowed space for him to work on his personal growth.


The Transformative Power of Men's Work

Trev also shares his journey with Men's Work, exploring self-improvement and personal growth. He has delved into ManKind Project and Real Education, which have both changed his life in a very positive way. Both Kristen and Trev reflect on the positive impact of this journey on their relationship and how it has allowed for open communication and personal development.

Before Trevor started this journey of personal growth, Kristen would censor herself to avoid a reaction as Trev wasn’t able to communicate openly and would give her the silent treatment. Now they’re able to communicate openly and bring each other back to balance. The best thing about this journey, Kristen shares, is the freedom to show up completely as she is.


Redefining Masculinity and Inviting Men into Personal Growth

Kristen and Trev discuss the importance of creating safe spaces for men to express themselves authentically. They challenge stereotypes around masculinity, emphasising the benefits of shedding toxic behaviours and embracing personal growth. Trevor’s advice to other men ready and wanting to grow is to surround yourself with other good men who will pull you up on your negativity. 


Exploring the Soul: Love and Eternal Learning

The conversation takes a spiritual turn as Michelle Anne asks three big questions for Kristen and Trev to share their perspectives on the soul and the afterlife:

M: What is the soul?
K&T: It’s the essence of who we are.

M: What happens when you die?
Kristen recommends Journey of Souls by Michael Newton a book that explores the idea of our souls reuniting with soul families after death through interviews with people under hypnosis.

M: What do you know for sure?
K: I know that I know nothing. It’s too big for us to grasp.
What I always come back to is love. All there is is love and everything else is an illusion and I will remain an eternal student of life.


Embracing Change, Love, and Continuous Growth

Kristen and Trev's journey, from organic entrepreneurship to personal growth, is a testament to the transformative power of living consciously. Their story serves as an inspiration for those seeking positive change in both business and personal life. Tune in to The Soul Stories podcast for more enlightening conversations that delve into the essence of the human experience.

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