Farmacy Weekly Report 2024 Week #7


Happy Monday! 😊

We have an exciting update to share with you - tickets for our upcoming Farmer's Feast event are finally here! The ticket link will be launched on our social channels today! 🌟

Originally planned for February, this event had to undergo a few changes due to some massive price increases. But have no fear, we found a new venue and caterer! We are thrilled to be hosting the event at the Food Connect Shed on Saturday April 20th with catering by Three Little Birds. Our ingredients will be sourced from some of our favorite organic and sustainable farms and food makers including Echo Valley Farm, Wulff & Cub Mushrooms, Indie Bakehouse, and Temptress Apothecary.

Our Farmer's Feast event will be a wonderful opportunity to meet the people who grow and supply your food, indulge in a delicious, nutritious dinner and connect with other local foodies. Mark the date in your calendar and watch out for the early bird tickets today! (Here's the link!)🎟️



Farmer Kel is relieved to see the ground drying up as the rain eases. Unfortunately, this wet spell has affected our seedlings, likely causing a dip in our supply in the coming weeks. Luckily, we have a wide network of farmers to source from, including some from the cooler climates of Tassie and Victoria. 🌱

Broccoli has unfortunately gone up in price due to the Queensland heat, so we've had to source it from down south, which has proven to be quite difficult. 😔 However, the good news is Roma Tomatoes are in full swing at Farmer Stefano's place in Stanthorpe! They're on special this week at just $5.95 for 500gm.🍅

Coming soon we have loads of beautiful Dragonfruit from Kel's farm, Mandarins and Navel Oranges from Gayndah, and Pineapples! Our usual pineapple farmer at Beerwah expects his to be ready in 3 weeks (as long as we get some sunshine!) and we've just found a new farmer at Mt Pleasant we're hoping to get some juicy pines from - so we should have plenty for you! 🐉🍍



Great news - MY MY Kefir is back in stock and there are plenty of delicious flavors to choose from! We met with the maker, Maya, last week and were blown away by her knowledge and passion for her craft. MY MY Kefir is a true small-batch, artisan product made with love and care. The best part? It's uncarbonated, meaning the bacteria are alive and ready to nourish your gut! Maya suggests drinking it before meals to stimulate digestion. 🌟

Thank you for supporting our mission to improve the way we all eat! We are grateful to have you as a part of our Farmacy family and look forward to continuing to share our journey with you. Together, we can make a difference for our health and our planet! 💚🌍

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