There's a place for everything - How to reduce your waste and save the world 💚

There's a place for everything - How to reduce your waste and save the world 💚

Do you give much thought to what you put in the bin? What happens to it after that and the impact it could have on the planet?

This beautiful earth is our home and for too long we have been treating it as a rubbish dump. Everything is "disposable" but what does that actually mean? Where does it go when it's "disposed"? There is no "away".

BUT, change is happening! It might not be happening in our government but it is happening in many businesses and households. There are new, sustainable products/solutions being developed all the time and there are now heaps of useful, meaningful ways to recycle your waste.

We have been so inspired by one of the mums (Selena Corness) from our school (Brisbane Independent School). We've set up our boxes to separate our waste and now there’s almost nothing left to put into landfill, everything has a place!

Here are some easy ways you can start doing this too (please do!)...

If it’s scrunchable, it can be recycled. Take these to the Redcycle bins at Woolies and Coles. The plastic is turned in to furniture for schools and kindergartens, among other things (how cool is that?).

Great way for your kids to make some pocket money! Collect eligible bottles and cans and take to your nearest collection centre (when you’re stored up a lot). Get the kids to collect the neighbours’ containers as well!

If you don’t have your own find someone on ShareWaste who would love to put your food scraps to good use. It's too easy not to!

All of these things can be turned into something new! Visit TerraCycle to learn more. There are even rewards and incentives like with oral care you could win a community garden for your school!

Now this one is new and impressive - Selena has discovered that a company called Envision which is collecting plastic bottle lids in order to turn them into prosthetic hands using 3D printers. The hands will be donated to children in war torn countries who are missing limbs. How cool is that?

Amazing what you can discover with a little research. It is possible to live a waste free life and it’s so important to do what we can to make a difference.

Change isn’t coming from the top so it has to come from the bottom up. It starts with us. Please join the waste-free living revolution! ♻️💚

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