Watson Family Farm Egg Recall

Watson Family Farm Egg Recall

23 January 2023

Matt and Hayley Watson from Watson Family Farm have advised us that a voluntary recall has been issued on their 700gm eggs with best before dates up to and including 25 February 2023.

This is due to a potential salmonella risk in the eggs. The recall is being issued due to the notice that there is somebody in a Queensland health facility with loose links to Watson's eggs. They have not been mandated to do this yet, but are being proactive in putting the health and safety of the public before their business.

We have emailed and texted all our customers who ordered eggs in the last 3 weeks to notify them of the recall and offer a refund. If you still have Watsons Eggs from us please email us a picture of the carton and we'll be happy to refund you.

Please note this only refers to Watson Family Farm Eggs. Most of our customers will have actually received Echo Valley Farm Eggs from us. For the foreseeable future, we will only be stocking Echo Valley Farm Eggs as they have an abundant supply at the moment. This decision had been made before any recall advice from Watsons.

We are absolutely gutted for the Watson Family as they navigate this difficult path. They were actually on their first family holiday in years when they received the call from Queensland Health. 

An investigation is now being conducted with the full support of Safe Food Queensland and Biosecurity Queensland who have already been out to the farm for interviewing, swabbing and a review of their processes. They have stated that Watson's have a very well run operation and that they were unable to fault any part of what they do.

Promisingly, Safe Food Queensland have been very helpful in assuring the Watson's they will do everything they can to help them get back on their feet after this experience. We certainly don't want to lose a single regenerative farm - we need more of them, not less!

If you have already consumed the eggs and have any concerns about your health, the advice is to seek medical advice. However, it has not been proven that the salmonella came from this particular product so don't panic, as they may have been perfectly fine. This is a precautionary measure only and no conclusive results have been reached at the time of writing.

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