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Bone Broth Concentrate - SEAL, Basic Beef (320gm)

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Highly Concentrated Bone Broth. Just Grass-fed Australian leg bone and Australian evaporated sea salt. Nothing else. Made in Australia with Australian ingredients.

Broth is important to maintain the integrity of your gut.  Our guts are lined with a thin mucosal lining.  This lining has the important job of allowing substances such as water and nutrients to pass through into our bloodstream, while keeping large, undigested or dangerous particles inside our gut.  Problems occur when our gut lining starts to fail.  Ever heard of leaky gut syndrome?  The collagen and amino acids in broth help to boost the integrity of our gut lining.

Another common gut problem is inflammation.  Whether it's an inflammatory disease or low level inflammation, this wreaks havoc on our digestive tract.  Did you know that broth is easily digested and anti-inflammatory?

The nutrients dissolved from our Australian grass-fed beef leg bones include:

Multi-collagen protein

Amino Acids

Essential minerals

    • magnesium
    • sulfur
    • calcium
    • phosphorous
    • iron
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • EPA
  • DPA

Essentially you’re drinking liquid bones, so you know it’s:

  • Keto friendly 
  • FODMAPs friendly
  • Paleo friendly


Grass-fed Australian beef leg bone, and Australian evaporated sea salt. Made in Australia with Australian ingredients.


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